Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

Yes, we do not believe that this should be a difficult thing.  Inside the classroom you can unsubscribe by clicking on “Account” and then “Unsubscribe.”  When you do this, you will have access to your content until the end of the 3 month period your purchased.  After that your account will not renew.

What Level Guitar Player Will Benefit From This Site?

Our current product covers material for absolute beginners all the way up to an intermediate level of playing.  If you are just starting out or even if you have been playing for a little while, we think our lessons will help you tremendously.  We recommend you watch some of our free lessons to get an idea of what’s in the classroom.  Also, don’t forget that we offer 14 days after your purchase during which you can get your money back should the content be not advanced enough.

Does the Classroom Support Mobile Devices?

The answer is YES….mostly.  Our videos use Apple’s HLS codec which provides a great streaming experience for desktops and mobile devices alike.  Because HLS is Apple’s codec, the technology is optimized for iOS devices.  In the past Android had difficulty with HLS playback, but since Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) there has been a lot of improvement.  So unless you have a really old Android device, everything should work fine.  We recommend you watch some of our free videos to make sure everything works well for you.

How Often is New Content Added?

We add new content to our classroom every month.  We want to keep things fresh for our students so they keep learning with us.  Sometimes our students will contact us and let us know what they want to learn.  These student requests help fuel the new content that we release.

Once I Sign Up, Will My Membership Automatically Renew?

Yes.  By default your membership will be set to auto-renew every 3 months.  You will not need to enter in your payment information again as Paypal or Stripe will use the same payment info you gave with your initial payment.  However, at any point you can cancel your subscription so it does not auto-renew.  If you end your subscription this way, you will still have access to our classroom through the end of your current 3 month membership cycle.

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