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Guitar Tablature

Every lesson in our classroom will provide you with the tablature for the exercise or song you are working on.  This way there is no confusion, and you can be sure you are playing each note correctly.


Playing along to a backtrack is incredibly important.  We can’t stress this enough.  Backtracks not only help you to play your music in correct rhythm, but they also bring to life the piece that you are playing.  If the lesson you are working on has background music (and most do) we provide a separate audio file right there on the lesson page for you to practice along with.

Lesson Notes

Along with the explanations in the video, we provide our students with additional lesson notes that emphasize the most important things in the lesson they are viewing.

24/7 Access to Your Lessons

No need to wait another week for your next lesson. Get access to your content from wherever you want, whenever you want.  A big reason that people give up on the guitar is because they run out of things to practice.  They go to a lesson once a week and either get bored with the material they are given to practice, or they learn it quickly and don’t really practice too much after that.  Our online classroom will provide you with hundreds of video lessons and we are always adding more.  You won’t get bored!

Learn the Technical

Not only will you learn to play compositions, but we will also focus on proper technique.  From different picking styles to Boom-Chick acoustic finger playing, you will start off on the right foot.  As with any instrument, being able to shred on the guitar comes down to learning and mastering the basic techniques of playing.  Starting in our Guitar Fundamentals course, we will drill these techniques into your brain and constantly be reminding you as you move on to our other courses.

Learn Compositions

Learning to play compositions from beginning to end is really important when learning any instrument.  Learning a bunch of different licks and tricks is good, but mastering an entire composition forces you to play through different movements and will definitely build up your skill.  We will introduce you to some acoustic jazz ballads as well as original compositions.  As you learn these pieces, you will begin to see how to put the concepts we teach into your own compositions.  And that’s when this guitar stuff really starts getting fun!

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