Beginners and Beyond

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Guitar Fundamentals

If you are an absolute beginner, then the Guitar Fundamentals Module is where you should start.  This module has dozens of lessons that focus on introducing you to the instrument and to the proper techniques of playing.  We will study basic lead techniques and give you exercises and mini-compositions so you really master them.  We will also introduce you to power chords and simple rhythm guitar techniques.  We top it all off by walking you through playing lead to a classic jazz ballad.  After your study of this Guitar Fundamentals Module, you will be ready to study different genres more deeply in our Introductory Courses Module.

Introductory Courses

Our Introductory Courses Module walks you through a deeper study of the building blocks that make up the Rock, Blues, and Acoustic genres.  This course builds off of the Guitar Fundamentals Module by applying many of those techniques into these specific genres.  The Introduction to Rock course puts emphasis on pentatonic soloing patterns as well as rhythm ideas.  The Intro to Blues course will teach you the anatomy of the blues.  You will learn how to spice up a 12 bar blues in several different keys in both major and minor tonalities.  We will build up your lead playing with an application of the blues scale.  The Intro to Acoustic course has a general focus on open chord shapes and finger style playing.  We will study Travis picking (Boom-Chick) and help you build that technique step-by-step.   In all these introductory courses you will find video lessons teaching technique, exercises, and compositions! 

Intro to Music Theory

To supplement all of the awesome material you will be learning is our Intro to Music Theory course.  We believe this course alone is worth the price of admission!  We built this course because we want you to understand the building blocks of music.  Many players out there simply regurgitate songs and play chords or solos, but have absolutely no idea why they sound good.  Admittedly there are amazing players out there that don’t know much about theory, but it doesn’t hurt to study it.  What does it mean to play in the “key of F Major”?  What chords will work if you are playing in A minor?  What scales can you use to build up a guitar solo?  This course aims to increase your musical knowledge which will in turn increase your capability of creating your own masterpieces!

Guitar Fundamentals.  Only $5

Our Guitar Fundamentals Course was built with the absolute beginner in mind.  With over 30 video lessons, we will cover strength building exercises, fundamental techniques of playing lead, power chords and more.  We will also be applying it all as we walk through short and fun original compositions so that you finish the course knowing how to play some tunes!

Introductory Courses.  $20

If you are a beginner guitar player looking to become a well-rounded guitarist this is the course for you!  With over 100 video lessons, this course introduces you to the musical building blocks that make up the Rock, Blues, and Acoustic genres.  This course also includes our Intro to Theory section that will give you a solid foundation of music theory.  We are also throwing in access to our Guitar Fundamentals course to sweeten the pot.  All of this awesome goodness is packaged up for only $20!

Full Access Membership! $24.99 Monthly

Our Full Access Membership is our premium product.  With it you get access to all the content we put in the classroom.  On top of the Guitar Fundamentals and Introductory Courses, we are always adding intermediate and advanced lessons in all genres.  This means your pool of video lessons to learn from never ends!  Another valuable tool we give to our Full Access members is what we call the Question Box which is an internal community forum.  Here you can ask questions, spark up conversations with other members, and even request additional material to learn.  We instructors then get to work on creating the material for you.  It’s awesome!